Narayana Superspeciality Hospital performs 1st hip replacement surgery on a patient from Shillong

May 25, 2018, 9:38 pm
Guwahati ,May 25:  A  team  of  orthopaedic  specialists  from  Narayana  Superspeciality  Hospital Guwahati  successfully  performed  a  left  Hip  Replacement  Surgery  on  a  25-year-old  man.  This  was  the first time that a successful hip replacement surgery case from Shillong was performed by the hospital.
The  surgery,  classified  as  ‘high  risk’,  was  performed  on  Aftab  Alam  from  Shillong,  by  Dr.  Samarjit Khanikar  -  Consultant  Orthopaedic  Surgeon  and  technical  staff  of  Narayana  Superspeciality  Hospital. Aftab who runs a grocery shop, after getting treated in Shillong for Tuberculosis in the hip was left with a permanent damage to the ball and socket of the hip. He said,“I used to suffer continuous pain in my hip which made it impossible for me to do my daily chores. I had to walk with a limp as the pain was gradually increasing.” He consulted various centres in Shillong and was diagnosed with vascular necrosis of  femoral  head  with  secondary  osteoarthitis.  It  is  a  condition  where  the  ball  of  the  hip  gradually degenerates due to decrease in blood supply there by increasing the intensity of pain day by day.  He was then advised to undergo a Total Hip Replacement Surgery of his left hip.
“Since no proper treatment was provided to the patient, his condition had deteriorated over a period. His movement  was  restricted,  leading  to  stiffness  and  severe  pain  making  him  dependent,”  said  Dr. Khanikar. The surgery was performed on him in which the ball and socket of the hip is totally replaced with artificial prosthesis. Dr. Khanikar added, “We are happy to have successfully replaced his entire hip and wish him a healthy life”.
Narayana Superspeciality Hospital Guwahati has been offering both hip and knee replacement surgeries in the region with quality care and treatment at the most affordable rates.

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