Manipur : Sexual contact is now the main cause of HIV /AIDS

December 6, 2017, 9:17 am
Imphal (Manipur ); Contrary to the earlier   popular belief  that HIV /AIDS used to spread among the drug  users , a recent survey  has shown that  sexual contact has now become  the primary cause of transmission  of HIV/AIDS virus in the state which is often dubbed as the AIDS capital of the country
The survey states ,while 15 percent is because of sharing of syringes the remaining 7 percent is attributed  to parent -to -child transmission.
For the past ten years the penetration of HIV /AIDS have changed to the sexual route unlike earlier when the virus used to spread through sharing of syringes among drug users.
According to MACS project director Valentina Arambam  the state has 24,457 HIV /AIDS affected  people till August 2017 and the three most affected districts are Chandel ,Ukhrul and Senapati.

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