Meghalaya: 30 -year old Phoebe selected to be part of Ahura professional racing team

July 11, 2018, 5:23 pm
Shillong( Meghalaya), July 11 : Her passion, sincerity and dedication  for wheels has taken her to the  position where she is today  . Meet  Shillong's Phoebe Dale Nongrum who is part  of the first-ever Formula LGB 4 women's team.
30 -year old Phoebe  has been  selected to be a part of a professional racing team, the Ahura racing.
Ahura racing, formed in 2017, is owned by Sarosh Hataria, a successful hand at the Formula LGB 4 circuit.
This young lass  had to  fight it out  with  60 women  to finally  make it to  Formula LGB 4 team.Apart  from  Phoebe  11  other girls have also been selected .
Being the only woman  from  the region to be part of a Formula LGB 4 team, Phoebe'sjourney  was not an easy one.
While pursuing her academic career   ,she took up   a job in Bangalore  and worked for 10 years .  In 2016 she returned  back to her  hometown - Shillong.  Next year   , Phoebe  participated in auto cross rallies across  Shillong , Itanagar , Guwahati and Dimapur. 
Bold and confident , Phoebe has now decided to take up  racing as   her career but  the logistical  costs   are going to  be high Throughout ,her career her father , an IPS  officer  in Meghalaya  has been supporting her . Now,  the expenses are going  to be  much higher and she  is looking  for sponsors to support her mission . 
Phoebe is going to   Coimbatore in August this year  to  undergo an intensive  training  on circuit  racing  to hone her skills  as  she is quite   new  to circuit racing .
She is very confident  of getting onto the podiums  but the journey is going to be tough . She would first try to  get to BMW F 4, F- 8 and finally F-1.
Here is wishing her all the best in this mission .

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