Sarin and Syria

April 6, 2017, 12:22 am
A video of a girl looking aged about 12 years grasping for breath in a broad daylight went viral on a social media. She was being sprayed with water by onlookers to ease her of problems but no solution was in sight.
Just moment ago she reportedly breathed air laced with chemical Sarin which is highly toxic and considered 20 times as deadly as cyanide, which deactivates signals that cause human nerve cells to fire. Sufficient exposure could lead to death within minutes.
Yes, I am talking about city of Khan Sheikhoun in Idlib province in Syria. As the disturbing videos flashed across news channels of the possible chemical attack on civilians in Syria  hit  drawing rooms early on Wednesday morning, one thing became amply clear to me we are living in a world where SOMETHING IS SERIOUSLY WRONG.
An unspeakable, unpardonable crime perpetrated by whom still yet to be known (as there are claims and counterclaims) was inflicted on humanity in the name of so called war.
As the scenes unfolded in the streets of city of Khan Sheikhoun in Idlib province in Syria with a population of nearly 52,972, one sentence resonated in my ear In War Everybody is a Loser and the worst loser are those who doesn’t have to do anything with it.
Think again of that 12 year old girl her stakes in this global war on terror was nil. She was just trying to survive in midst of scents of terrified gunshots, repeated bombardment only to breathe oxygen to live. But that very oxygen with no prior warnings entered her body through her nostril and made her lifeless within moments with foam coming out of her mouth. Families died in their homes, and in the streets, children risked exposure looking for their parents.
What  Happened
Activists and witnesses say warplanes attacked Khan Sheikhoun, about 50km (30 miles) south of the city of Idlib, early on Tuesday, when many people were asleep.
Mariam Abu Khalil, a 14-year-old resident who was awake, told the New York Timesthat she had seen an aircraft drop a bomb on a one-storey building.
The explosion sent a yellow mushroom cloud into the air that stung her eyes. "It was like a winter fog," she said. She sheltered in her home, but recalled that when people started arriving to help the wounded, "they inhaled the gas and died".
The World Health Organisation said on Wednesday that the likelihood of a chemical being responsible was "amplified by an apparent lack of external injuries reported in cases showing a rapid onset of similar symptoms, including acute respiratory distress as the main cause of death".
In fact the latest chemical "attack" in Syria will provide a measure of just how far the international community has come in struggling with the security crisis in Syria.
It also demonstrates the growing calamity in the country where the conflict moves from phase to phase, but shows no sign of ending.
Perhaps at the outset it should be established what we know. There seems no doubt that a chemical incident occurred, and there were Syrian government air attacks in the area. The opposition of course has no air force.
The West places the blame squarely on the Assad regime. Russia - one of President Assad's few allies - has a different story, BBC correspondent reported

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