Assam : Kenyan software engineer cycling for peace and unity

November 1, 2017, 9:09 pm

By: Our Bureau Chief

Kokrajhar (Assam) : A young and energetic cyclist from Kenya , who has been stressing peace and unity building among all sections of communities,reached  Kokrajhar in the Northeast Indian state of Assam  on Tuesday.
Peter Ngugi, a software engineer by his profession, has been cycling since October 28 last  in India to spread message of peace and unity among all sections of communities in the world.
Peter, a software engineer  is on a 7000 km cycle trip to create awareness against racial discrimination  and strengthen India's bond with Africa.
Peter told South Asia Views  that his cycle trip to Kanyakumari  started from Shillong on Sunday and he will go to Delhi before heading back to Kenya. The total journey is of 7000 kms.
He was received by the residents of the town  and felicitated with traditional Gamocha.On Wednesday , he pedalled  to   Dhubri along India - Bangladesh border via Bilashipara on his pedal mission from Kokrajhar town .
He informed that he moved to India from Kenya on June 13, 2013, with an aim to work for establishing a strong friendship between both the countries . Prior to this trip   he taught for four months at Bethany Society, a charitable society that runs a school for physically-challenged kids. 
'I have spent nearly two years in Meghalaya and it has been a great experience for me interacting with people, especially in rural areas. Incidents of racial discrimination may happen in other places, but in Meghalaya there was no such incident. People called me  black because of my skin colour, but there was no attack or anything abusive here',Ngugi said.
Peter said his next mission  is to cycle to West Bengal through Coochbehar. He said he pedals nearly 30-32 kms per hour and continuously pedals for  eight hours in a day.
Irrespectice of caste and creed people from  Kokrajhar  welcomed  the pedal man, and wished him all the best for his mission.

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