Dog 'dies of depression' after being abandoned at airport by her owner

November 19, 2017, 10:21 am
London (UK):  Real sad news for animal lovers who keep them as pets  . A dog has reportedly died after spending a month at an airport awaiting its owner's return.
The dog, which was named 'Nube Viajera' or 'Wandering Cloud' by vets who treated her, is believed to have been dumped at the airport her owner.
She spent a month mingling with passengers and sniffing them, presumably looking for her owner, before she gave up and lay in a corner of the terminal at Palonegro airport in Columbia.
The young dog was offered food by passengers and staff at the airport but refused to eat and her condition deteriorated.
The dog retreated to a corner of the terminal after she gave up looking for her owner. 
The Mirror reported that the dog was treated by vets at a shelter after somebody alerted an animal rescue charity, but she was already unable to stand.
She received food and treatment intravenously but continued to deteriorate and vets said her cause of death was depression.

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