Meghalaya: Police nab fraudsters involved in IRS scam

August 30, 2017, 2:03 pm
Shillong :The Meghalaya police have  busted  a gang of fraudsters  from the capital city  who were involed in an international scam  by looting the American citizens  while posing  to be agents  of Internal Revenue Service.
The East Khasi Hills  District Police  on a tip off that an IRS scam was operating   a rented  premises  in Shillong  conducted mounted surveillance  on the places and gathered that unscrupulous persons who  were cheating through VOIP,  gullible American citizens whose details were  acquired from certain websites ,  by impersonating as Internal Revenue Service  Agents(IRS)  and  threatening them to make payments by making them purchase Gift Cards  from Walmart or Target  Store for default of tax payments defaults or face  jail sentence.
The purchaser then handed  over the 16 digit number to the caller  who the send the numbers to a vendor in the US to get the amount reimbursed. The same is then remitted to India by hawala channels.
The fraud Call Centre namely M/s  IFA Enterprise rented three floors  of  a  building  and  was run by one  Amit Bhowmick and  Sunny Mukherjee  who were stationed outside and would come after at  intervals to pay the  salaries . Another illegal ,  call centre M/s BPO Zurich was also  operating from the RBI premises in Shillong . 
It was also gathered that due to  raids in several parts of the country, the scamsters were trying to wind up and set shop somewhere else.   On receiving specific inputs   that the owners of the IFA Enterprise Call centre had come in their  Chervolet cruise AS01AZ 0101 used by the scamsters and were in an apartment in the city , several teams of the Special Cell East Khasi Hills Police   were despatched .
Simultaneous raids were conducted in apartments at two different places in the city  whereby   Amit Bhowmick   , Vivek  and Ms. Naina Gurung  involved with the centre,   were apprehended. 77 Hard Disks which had been removed from  CPUs, cash amounting to  Rs 1 lakh and a huge number of incriminating documents  including scripts  were seized from the apartment rented by IFA Enterprise in the city .  Pynshan Mawthoh of Madanrting one of the managers of M/s IFA Enterprise who had come out of the apartment was also apprehended.
 From the apartment rented by Ms/ BPO Zurich in the city,  electronic gadgets used in the scam , cash amounting to  Rs 1 lakh and several incriminating documents were recovered and seized .One  Rijo Christian Joseph of Ahmadabad Gujarat and one Ms Sweety Sutnga of Shillong  were also apprehended. Two separate cases  Laitumkhrah Ps C/No.134(8)17 u/s 120(B)/385/419/420/468/34 IPC and Laitumkhrah Ps C/No.135(8)17 u/s 120(B)/385/419/420/468/34 have been registered.  
They were arrested and forwarded to the court of the CJM, Shillong  and  have been sent  to  Police remand for 6 days.
On Tuesday, searches  were  conducted  at the  three floors rented by M/s IFA ENTERPRISELtd from the  SS Net .Com where  85 CPUs and several IRS scripts were recovered and seized. Two employees  of SS Net Com Mobiliser,  Christopher Kurbah 23   and Manager,  Kiren Damai  have also been  arrested in connection with the IFA ENTERPRISE Call Centre.
It  was also gathered that another Call Centre namely M/s Dasanbha Enterprise owned by  Nicky War  along with others were planning to close shop. He was summoned immediately and after questioning him it was found that the Call Centre would call American Citizens by asking the customer if he/she suffers from any sickness or undergone any surgical operation from a  range of health problems.
They would ask the customer if he/she has got hold of an advocate and then would claim  to be  a reputed American firm which would help them in getting potential compensation’ for a  fee ranging from $650 only to dupe the persons. 63 Computers , a server , seals and 43  Hard Disks were seized from their   possesion . A separate case is being taken up at Laitumkhrah PS . The owner of M/s Dasanbha Enterprise  Nicky War  has been arrested and be produced the following day. A full fledged investigation is on  to reach to its logical conclusion and to nab the rest of the culprits.
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