Nagaland :Dr Shurho expounds on present crisis; blames Ram Madhav and Himanta

August 10, 2017, 10:24 pm
By: Pradeep Pareek
Dimapur(Nagaland): Former Chief Minister and MLA, Dr. Shürhozelie Liezietsu on Thursday reiterated that the present crisis in Naga People’s Front occurred due to the secret agreement made between, TR Zeliang, Neiphiu Rio, BJP in-charge of the North East Ram Madhav, Nagaland Governor, PB Acharya and NEDA Chairman, Himanta Biswa Sarma to dismiss his government and install  Zeliang  government with the sole intention of hijacking the whole party to the BJP once things cool down.
The same formula was used in the case of Arunachal Pradesh government where the whole congress MLA merged with the BJP, he pointed out.
Therefore, the NPF President urged the party workers to study thoroughly how the crisis began and to remain firm adding that “no matter how hard the defectors try, the party will fight and defeat them as the truth is with us.”
He reminded that many party workers who have left the party and pledged their support to the rebel group have no knowledge where they are heading and warned that by aligning with expelled and suspended MLAs they have automatically defected from the NPF party.
Speaking to the NPF Mokokchung Division party leaders during the consultative meeting at Central party office, Kohima, this morning Dr. Shürhozelie who is also the president of NPF, said some party workers have run away to the rebel camp and made an agreement with them without knowing what “evil designs the rebel camp have in store.”
Unless they change their mind and return to the party fold, they will be considered as defectors from the NPF party, he added.
Clarifying on the appointment of Lok Sabha MP Neiphiu Rio as “interim President”, Dr Shurhozelie said it is a mockery to fool the people as nowhere in the NPF Constitution is there any mention of a post of Interim President, and that there is only one President and two Working Presidents.
He advocated the present crisis in NPF as just “a temporary setback”, the President said “things will normalize soon” and urged the party leaders to have more patience and face the challenges ahead.
Dr. Shürhozelie also said that those who uphold the NPF principles and stand firm with the party were the luckiest leaders and that “the party is prepared to face 2018 elections and we will have only strong and truthful leaders with us.”
He also conveyed to the Mokokchung Division party leaders that the party will fill up the vacancies created by the run-away group with the best and trusted leaders so that the party will sail smoothly.
He reminded the leaders that the NPF party came into being not just to fight election but that it was built by Naga elders with “tears for the Naga cause to bring amicable and acceptable solution to the protracted Naga Political problem” and that at any cost “we will not allow money and muscle power to ruin the party.”
MLA, Yitachu in his speech reminded the party leaders that the dismissal of Dr. Shürhozelie Government and TR Zeliang issuing his unofficial Chief Whip in the recently concluded Assembly is already in the Court and expressed the hope that the Court would deliver justice soon.
Sooner or later, if the court gives its judgement either Dr. Shürhozelie government will be re-installed as it happened in Arunachal Pradesh last year or President’s Rule will come before the state faces the 2018 general election, Yitachu said adding that the rebel MLAs have no weapon in the Court but only to adjourn and delay the court hearing tactics.
Yitachu also revealed that if TR Whip is recognized by the court and disqualify him, he will quit politics. However, he said “God is with us and there is nothing to worry as the truth will always win.”
He disclosed that Rio can never come into good terms with Zeliang even in future since he, Rio, is simply using Zeliang to dislodge the party set-up and take over by himself and once he succeeds he will “overthrow Zeliang without any hesitation.”
Yitachu also reminded that way back in 2014 when Rio won the Lok Sabha election and the state government initiated for induction of Neiphiu Rio in the Union ministry, but a week before the induction, T. R Zeliang cunningly convinced and literally forced the NPF to suspend Rio from NPF party which was indeed, a big blow and the chapter of Rio’s induction in the union ministry became a closed chapter.
This was done so, in T.R Zeliang’s very own words, “to protect and safeguard the NPF leadership of President Dr. Shurhozelie and also his Chief Minister’s chair”, he added.
MLA, Vikheho Swu who also spoke on the occasion said that the rebel group thinks money can buy the whole Naga people but reminded the Naga people are not fools. He said the law may take time to deliver justice but soon Dr. Shürhozelie government will come back or PR would be imposed before the state faces General Elections.
The Mokokchung Division delegates were led by its president Moasungba.

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