Nagaland :NPF youth wing serves ultimatum to Rio

August 13, 2017, 12:21 am
By : Pradeep Pareek
Dimapur ( Nagaland ): The Naga People's Front’s Youth Wing of 10-Northern Angami-1assembly constituency has today served an ultimatum to the “so-called NPF office at Hotel Legacy at Bayavu” hill to close down the office and remove all NPF flags around on or before August 13.
“Failure to comply with this ultimatum will invite repercussions of extreme degree and for which  Neiphiu Rio will be held solely responsible”, warned an communiqué issued jointly by the president Vilielhou Suokhrie and vice president  Pfulikhrie Keretsu of NPF Youth Wing of 10-Northern Angami-1assembly constituency.
Hundreds of NPF youth members this morning came to serve the ultimatum to Neiphiu Rio’s “illegal NPF office at Hotel Legacy”. Cpies of the ultimatum was also given to the Chairmans of Kohima Village Council and Bayavu Panchayat for necessary information
NPF president Dr Shürhozelie Liezietsu has won for the ninth time from this constituency which covers part of state capital Kohima on August 3 last, where bye-poll was held on July 29.
“It has come to our notice that an office said to be NPF office has been inaugurated at Hotel Legacy, Bayavu Hill, Kohima, which was unauthorized and illegal, by so-called Interim President Neiphiu Rio on August 10, 2017 which falls under the jurisdiction of 10 Northern Angami I Assembly Constituency”, said the communiqué.
“NPF has only one President Dr Shurhozelie Liezietsu who was duly elected in the General Convention on 26 November 2014 and the same was reaffirmed on 30th April 2015 and there is no other President, Interim or otherwise”, it said, adding, “and whereas, the NPF has its legitimate and functional Headquarter in the State Capital below Hotel Japfu at Sokriezie and there is no other authorized NPF office at Kohima except Division and AC Unit offices”.
“And whereas, the action of Shri Neiphiu Rio and his supporters opening an illegal NPF office under our jurisdiction is a direct challenge to our authority which is highly provocative and invite direct confrontation”, it asserted.
The Rio- Zeliang camp has set a deadline of August 13 for Shürhozelie to resign from the post of president.
The NPF Central said it’s President, Dr Shurhozelie Liezietsu will not resign from the chair. NPF led by former chief minister and presently Lok Sabha MP, Neiphiu Rio has hinted that his resignation would pave the way for reconciliation and unity of the party.
The NPF led by interim president is running its central office from the Hotel Legacy which is owned by Rio. As a veteran politician he should respect the voice of the majority because under the Indian Constitution majority reign supreme and nothing else, the Rio camp asserted.
Shürhozelie became the president of the party around 15 years back that time it had a different name, Nagaland People's Council (NPC), after the impeachment of its then president Huska Sumi.
Presently the NPF party has two Presidents--president and interim president--two chairmans of Democratic Alliance of Nagaland (DAN), two Legislature Party Leaders and two Central Offices.
The Naga People's Front (NPF) Central Headquarters has accused the Speaker of Nagaland Legislative Assembly of misusing the Tenth Schedule with active support and encouragement by the Governor.
In a press release, the Media & Press Bureau, NPF stated that the motive behind the 91st Amendment of the Constitution was to give power and authority to political parties to rein in activities of rebels. But, it alleged, that the authority vested with the political parties as envisaged in the Tenth Schedule has been abused by the Speaker of Nagaland Legislative Assembly with active support and encouragement by the Governor, who, it alleged, has been "acting like a voyeur in the whole orgy of shame and defilement of the Constitution."
The Media & Press Bureau alleged that emboldened by getting away scot-free with such Constitutional atrocities, the "so-called Press & Information Cell of the illegal and imaginary political party consisting of expelled and suspended NPF members has started to issue statements which lack logic, reason and sanity."
The release reminded that the NPF is a responsible political party registered with the Election Commission of India and functions according to the provisions of its Constitution, and does not function like a student or social organization where members and office bearers are selected/ appointed at random.
It pointed out that Article IV of the NPF Constitution deals extensively with the procedure and method of electing office bearers of the party, including the president. "And nowhere is it mentioned that legislators, least of all expelled or suspended MLAs, are empowered or authorized to elect the President or any office bearer. For that matter, party legislators have not been given Constitutional competence to appoint even a primary member of the NPF party," it stated.
On the claim that the "the NPF legislature party was gracious and magnanimous enough to grant 15 days to Dr Shurhozelie Liezietsu to resign," the release said it was not grace or magnanimity on the part of the suspended and expelled MLAs but out of "sheer ignorance of the due process of law and Constitutional provisions" and "with hopelessness and desperation" that they made such a "ridiculous demand".
Regarding the absurd demand that party properties be handed over to the expelled and suspended MLAs of the NPF party, it can only be said that it is reminiscent of a rustic who, having been removed from membership of the Church for activities embarrassing to the denomination, start to demand that the Pastor hand over the keys of the Church to him!, Media & Press Bureau asserted.
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