OMG !!! Poverty forces a father to sell his 8 month old baby girl

December 7, 2017, 5:10 pm
By :Pradip Chakraborty
Agartala ( Tripura) : Can you imagine  what hunger and poverty can do to a man. He can go to any extent to feed his stomach. And thats what exactly  happened  here when   Karna DebBarma, a poverty stricken tribal  sold  his  8 month old baby  girl to a person living in the state capital ,  Agartala.
Karna DebBarma of Baisnabi Para ADC village of North Maharan  under Teliamura Sub Division of West Tripura village  sold  his  8 month  old daughter  as    it was becoming very  difficult to  maintain  and  feed the baby .
Karna, a daily labourer  already has 6 children.
He somehow  maintains  his huge  family by selling  vegetables and fire wood . But with addition of one more member in the family it was  becoming  difficult  or rather  impossible to maintain the family . So he took the bold step of selling his daughter 
Despite  being very poor and a tribal   he has been denied a BPL card.  Several times he went to ruling party MLA Manidra Das and urged him  to issue a bpl card and  to sanction a IAY house so that he could  live in a  house especially  during the  monsoon seasons . But  the  legislator rejected his request by saying that he will get IAY house and toilet in due  course  of time
But the right time is yet come for Karna.
Right now Karna  with his family spends the cold nights in  a bamboo hut  in nearby  village . 
Former ADC  chairman said  that the area is dominated  by the   poverty stricken .It was very  recently  that  another poverty stricken  tribal sold his newly born daughter to a person for six  thousand only.
Subrata Chakraborty, spokesperson ,BJP Tripura said that  life  in hilly areas is really tough    for the  poverty striken villagers." Despite tall claims by the  ruling Left Front goverment there is no sign of any  development in hilly areas of the state" ,he added.
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