Cattle smuggling goes on unabated along Indo –Bangla border

July 27, 2017, 1:01 am

Bhawanipur (India –Bangladesh border): Indian  Border guards  once again foiled the attempts of notorious smugglers and seized 85 numbers of  cattle along Indo –Bangla border  International Border of Meghalaya. The special operation party of BSF laid a trap while some smugglers along with cattle were proceeding towards Bangladesh through a thickly vegetated dense forest area in Bhawanipur in South Garo Hills District of Meghalaya . The BSF rushed towards the  area before the smugglers could cross over and  cordoned off the area before  recovering  a considerable numbers of cattle.

Acting on  a tip off,  that some cattle smugglers were  proceeding with a  huge number of cattle  towards International Border, The BSF  deployed in  Baghmara and Bhawanipur along the international border launched a special  operation and prevented 40  cattle worth more than Rs.5.6 lacs being smuggled to Bangladesh.

In another incident, the BSF troops deployed at Lyngkhat,  seized 20 cattle worth more than Rs. 3.75 lacs while being smuggled from India to Bangladesh. The special operation party of BSF laid another trap while some smugglers along with cattle were proceeding towards Bangladesh through a thickly vegetated area.

The spurt in cattle smuggling  along India –Bangladesh border seems to be due to recent flood situation in Assam which has forced the smugglers to divert their area of activities in Meghalaya. In the disguise of local consumption, cattle are being transported towards bordering area of Meghalaya especially in South West Garo Hills district of Meghalaya which has  of late  has become the hub of these cattle smugglers where the manifold increase in number of cattle has been found during the cattle Haats. Garobadha, Ampati, Purakhasia along with many other local markets and Haats have become places for cattle sale where the smugglers co-ordinate their illegal acts. The existence of these cattle Haats near the border belt has  worsened the situation. Though BSF has been manning the border round the clock, still smugglers are taking their chances to exploit the unfenced areas and  gaps due to culverts, hume pipes and unfenced area due to the presence of  rivers.

In addition the BSF troops seized 310 numbers of cattle, and contraband items worth more than Rs. 53 Lacs, while being smuggled out from India to Bangladesh on the International Border along Meghalaya since last week from the areas like  Tuka, Nayabazar, Lyngkhat,   Gopinathtilla , Ganganagar and Dumkaphal 

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