EXCLUSIVE : KLO observes martyrs day, vows to fight for independent Kamatapur state

December 26, 2017, 11:50 pm
By : Our Roving Editor
Somewhere along India - Myanmar border :  The Kamatapur Liberation Organisation(KLO) has  vowed to continue  their  fight to regain the  right to  self determination of the Independent  Kamatapur state and  restore national, territorial  and sovereign  rights of the   Kamatapuri people.
The rebel  outfit observed the  ‘Martyrs Day’ at Central Headquarters  on Tuesday at an undisclosed  location  to recall the  contribution of the martyrs, who laid down  their   lives for the cause of the Kamatapur state.
The Chairman of the KLO, Jiban Singha Koch recalled  the contribution and sacrifices  of  the  national martyrs of the rebel group .  He  said that  Koch Kamatapur was never  part of India and  was Independent till 28th August,1949 and  was annexed to India deliberately and forcefully  by sigining the Koch Behar Merger Agreement and since then the  Indian  government has  been desroying Kamatapuri langage,culture,and history.
Talking about their national liberation struggle,Koch said  that    KLO is  fighting to regain sovereignty and idependence of  Kamatapur since 1993. But, the Indian government   has been launching operations   like  'Kamatapur Crack Down' and 'Bhutan Flash Out'  to crush their movement   where uncountable freedom fighters  have  been killed  .
He recalled how on  26th  December, 2000  the  Indian  forces  killed their  national leaders  like  Nablu Das,Jiten Das and Kondura Das and since then on this day   every   year  the  ‘National Martyrs Day'  is observed  as  they  inspire them  to continue with  the  national liberation struggle.
He said  that their movement was  to get the  right to  national self determination and restore national , territorial  and sovereign rights as these  rights  are  protected by  the UN General Assembly and International conclaves. 
The ceremony  was attended by the founder members of the UNLFW, NSCN K, Commander -in-Chief  , General Kumchok , General Secretray of NDFB, B Ferrenga, Assistant General Secretary of ULFA I, Jibon Asom, President of PCDK ,JK Ujiang,Organising Secretary of NLFT, Sachin Borok,Major Nongsabha Meitei, Commanding Officer  of KYKL ,Major Wakheiba, Commanding Officer of UNLF, Commanding Officer  Arjun of PREPAK, Commanding Officer,  Kabolakpa of KCP and other  rebel leaders .

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