Indo – Myanmar Surgical Strike : A pack of lies , says KYKL, KCP

October 1, 2017, 2:09 am

By : Our Roving Editor


Imphal (Manipur) : Two Manipur rebel groups  have  clarified that the operations against NSCN  (K)  by the Indian Army  on September  27 last  resulting in killings four insurgents   in the deep jungles along Indo-Myanmar  was  a blatant   lie.


In a statement issued  jointly by  Manipur based  Kangleipak  Communist Party (KCP) and  Kanglei  Yawoi Kanna  Lup( KYKL)  on Saturday said  that  Indian Army   faked  the report on a firefight that had supposedly  taken place on  September 27 last somewhere along the Indo-Myanmar border.


The statement added that while there was no casualty on the rebels, the Indian army, in a press communiqué  stated that they  killed  four insurgents, two from NSCN (K) and one each from KCP and KYKL in the said gun battle, which is nothing but a pack of lies.


The statement said that going by past experiences, true reason behind such false and exaggerated press note is purely to infuse fear deep inside the psychic structure of the people they have suppressed for years to remain subjugated to their oppressive structure in order to maintain hegemonic status quo...

By misleading statements, the Army   falsely tried to project themselves as more powerful than the revolutionary forces fighting to get the region emancipated from Indian colonialism.

They tried to prove that the revolutionary forces were nowhere near the required strength to translate the indigenous dream of a sovereign state into reality by defeating Indian colonialism.

The statement added that unlike India playing card stacking propaganda to sell false ideas to the people, the revolutionary forces never mince their words. “We are not secretive or not misleading people, we are sincere enough to call  a spade a spade. If we suffer losses and casualties in any encounter that we had with colonial forces, we claim nothing more, nothing less but the exact quantum with real narratives”


The statement  recalled  that on  June 4, 2015 Paraolon attack they  lost Maj. Raja Kamei of NSCN and Corporeal Amit of KYKL, though they were successful to eliminate   18 enemy soldiers of 6 Dogra Regiment and  injuring 21 others.” Manipulating nothing about what had happened on the spot we claimed the same quantum in the press note we released post encounter..”  


Continuing the armed campaign against India  since long, they clarified that  they  fired upon a column of the Indian army at Lazu village of Arunachal Pradesh on  August 08, 2016, . “Regarding the attack as we did not confirm anything with regard to  casualties and deaths on the enemy’s part,  In fact ,we claimed nothing.” The statement said .  The note added that on  the evening of  October 18, 2016, the special elite forces of NSCN, KCP and KYKL attacked on an army column at pillar number 157 along the Indo -Myanmar border and clarified that  3 army personnel  were killed  and  three were injured  in an attack where they  fired upon 16 Assam Rifles at Nginu village of Arunachal Pradesh. On the very  next day, they got involved in  a fierce gun battle between SEF and Indian Army when the strike team withdrew from the December 3 attack, in which one of  KCP’s commander had been shot..” Our  comrade Naocha gave his life in ‘Chatong encounter’ that took place on February 03, 2017 in Arunachal Pradesh between the Special Elite Forces (SEF) and Indian occupation forces and we were clear about  the incident   without sweeping what had been taken place under the rug, unlike Indian mode of cheap propaganda.” ,added the statement.  


The statement was signed by S. Mangal , Member in charge, Information & Publicity KCP  and Thoiba Mangang ,Deputy Secretary, Publicity and Research KYKL.

Photo courtesy : Caravan

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